Lars Winkler, Ihr Architekt in Würzburg und Schweinfurt mit über 20 Jahren Berufserfahrung.


Elaborate Planning to the last Detail

Atelier Winkler is at your side and supports you as planner, consultant and supervising partner

Together, we identify your goals, examine all ideas and determine the steps needed to execute the most cost effective solution.

We support you during all project phases and speak to authorities, consultants and contractors on your behalf only.


Lars Winkler - Architect

Prior to my studies at two technical universities in Germany and the U.S., I successfully completed an apprenticeship.. This on site training combined with over 20 years of work experience, form the foundation of my work as an independent architect.

From classic architectural design to shop fitting projects for luxury fashion, sports apparel  and jewellery stores and interior design of café and restaurant projects, I have worked on over 450 projects in Germany and abroad.

Curriculum Vitae

Lars Winkler . Dipl.-Ing. Architekt

Atelier Winkler
Sep 2017 – Present
Würzburg, Germany

Architecture office Atelier Winkler (Atelier = Studio) specialized in Retail Real Estate, Store Design and Brand Development for (fashion) brands as well as projects for private clients (new developments or refurbishments) of all kinds with a focus on sustainability.

Senior Retail Development Manager Germany & Belgium

Jul 2006 – Sep 2017

Responsible architect for three Outlet Shopping Centres in Belgium and Germany. 400+ shop fitting projects for luxury fashion brands completed in budget and time. Extensions, refurbishments, hospitality projects and implementation of structural additions and alterations (mezzanine levels-steel structures). 

Lecturer at Business School of Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Germany

Mar 2013 – Feb 2017

Teaching position in the field of internationalisation for students of retail management, innovation management and strategic marketing with a focus on brand development, branded environments and the development of store design concepts.
Retail Lab - spatial planning and sourcing of material donations, such as lighitng, HVAC & air curtain for a university owned retail lab implemented on campus. This lab was extended into the adjacent class room throughout 2016 and computer aided retail software workstations will become part of this multifunctional educational environment.


Nov 2005 – Jun 2006

Leader: Directed the U.S. branch of a Germany shop fitting company for individual shop fitting concepts and SIS Systems.

Manager: Responsible for HR, expanded from 14 to 18 employees in three month. Prepared and translated contracts for all employees who had worked without one before.

Relationship Builder: Initiated relations with two critically important manufacturing partners in an three-month period.

Problem Solver: Solved issues with the warehousing and distribution process. Supervised the development of a universal part numbering key for the new software based inventory control system.

Translator: Translated simultaneously between English and German for the owner during meetings. Efficiently and accurately translated contracts and legal documents.

Innovative Designer - Engineer - Planner

Aug 2005 – Nov 2005

Intimately involved in the design and prototyping process for two flagship stores in Berlin (Germany) and Irvine, CA (USA).
Significantly enhanced planning processes by establishing plan standards and their implementation into the workflow of the Project Managers.
Created layout templates in AutoCAD, defined documentation and archiving standards, introduced the addition of scanned imagery on the large format plans.
Developed global CI-guidelines for the company and all its branches.
Implemented critical design and engineering modifications for improved fixture and fittings performance during countless meetings with the client and engineering consultants.
Accomplished in record time (16 weeks from planning process including prototyping to finished installation), both projects have been deemed to be a huge success.

Project Manager

Jun 2004 – Jun 2005

Planned, designed and supervised the execution of the trade show booths for international clients focusing on European trade shows.
Supervised the installation of the trade Show booth for large electronic corporations on CeBIT ’05 in Hanover, Germany, the world’s largest computer fair.
Supervised the installation of the booth for a large Broadcasting Company for MipTV ’05 in Cannes, France.
Bridged intercultural communication challenges for the client.

Freelance Project Architect

Jul 2003 – May 2004

Osnabrueck, Germany
Refitting of a high end store for luggage, handbags, wallet etc. drafting, engineering and supervision of execution and documentation.
Participation in urban design contest.
Planning of fast food restaurants across Germany

Brandenburgische Technische Universität

Field Of Study Architecture
2000 – 2003
Activities and Societies: Member of the students representative committee (Fachschaftsrat), the integration program for foreign students and the evaluation commission of the faculty. Student Assistant to the Chair for Theory of Architecture

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Field Of Study 2nd year of Masters program - School of Architecture
1999 – 2000
Fulbright Scholarship

Brandenburgische Technische Universität

Field Of Study Architecture
1996 – 1999
Activities and Societies: Student representative (Fachschaftsrat Architektur), Evaluation Commission of the Faculty, Student Council for the integration of foreign students, Student representative of the Senate of the University

Brick Layer Apprenticeship

Sep 1994 – Jan 1996
Osnabrueck, Germany
Apprenticeship to become a certified bricklayer completed successfully in 1 1/4 years.

Ursulaschule Osnabrueck

1989 – 1992

* 1973 in Ruit auf den Fildern, Germany


CSR im Ladenbau, in Markenwelten und Handelsimmobilien, Springer-Verlag 2015

BIM für Handelsimmobilien in Fachmarktzentren in Deutschland - Digitalisierung der Firma MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG. 2017

Store Design and Retail Real Estate

  • New Developments/modifications and redevelopments
  • Store design and shop construction for fashion and jewellery retailers
  • Revitalisation of shopping malls and brick and mortar stores
  • Analysis and structural stream lining of existing points of sale
  • Tenant support regarding concept development, permit and construction process
  • Strategic and evolution design of brand architecture and the built environment
  • Landlord project support for retail real estate owners


Private Clients

Customised Residential Buildings

  • New developments/refurbishments and extensions
  • Passive House planning
  • Refurbishments of existing structures
  • Technical installations
  • Custom Interior Designs

Private construction projects

  • Analysis and structural streamlining of existing buildings
  • Testing for hazardous building materials and expert coordination
  • Client support during the design and execution phase
  • Planning of customised building solutions


Passivhaus-Standard –
schon heute die Energiewende von morgen umsetzen!

Eine unserer Kernkompetenzen als Architekten in Würzburg ist die professionelle Planung von Passivhäusern. Passivhäuser sind Gebäude, bei denen sowohl die Gebäudehülle als auch der technische Ausbau im Hinblick auf maximale Energieeffizienz, Nachhaltigkeit und Wirtschaftlichkeit optimal aufeinander abgestimmt werden – mit dem Resultat, dass auf eine reguläre Feuerstelle und den Verbrauch von fossilen Brennstoffen im Gebäude vollständig verzichtet werden kann.

Das bedeutet in der Praxis nicht nur, dass die Betriebskosten signifikant gesenkt werden können, sondern dass Ihr Objekt auch in den kommenden Jahren unabhängig von etwaigen Preisschwankungen von Energieträgern auf dem Weltmarkt mit gleichbleibend kalkulierbaren Kosten betrieben werden kann.

Neben der Kostensicherheit ist es aber in erster Linie die hohe Aufenthaltsqualität in einem Passivhaus, die es so erstrebenswert macht, diesen Standard zu verwenden. So ist die Luftqualität durch die hocheffiziente Lüftungsanlage beispielsweise wesentlich besser als in einem herkömmlichen Haus. Selbstverständlich dürfen auch in einem Passivhaus trotzdem die Fenster geöffnet werden.

Da es sich um ein offenes Baukonzept handelt, sind Passivhäuser so individuell planbar und umsetzbar, wie es die Bauherren selbst auch sind. Klingt zu gut, um wahr zu sein? Sprechen Sie mich an, als Ihr erfahrener Architekt – auch für Schweinfurt sowie die gesamte Umgebung – zeige ich Ihnen, wie Ihre persönliche Passivhaus-Lösung aussehen kann. In meinem Architekturbüro in Würzburg präsentiere ich Ihnen auch gern Referenzprojekte.

BIM - Building Information Modeling

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling (Building Data Modeling) and is a new planning methodology which was developed to simplify the collection and assembly of information. When founding my office, I immediately decided to apply this new method from day one and to only plan in 3D.

With existing buildings, the documentation is often incomplete and difficult to decipher for the tenant. This ultimately leads to an increase in operating costs.

With BIM, the owner of the property is able to understand the project at all times, even if one is not able to read plans, as one can virtually "walk" through the computer generated model prior to execution.

For existing structures, it is of course possible to create such a 3D model any time for further planning and operating activities.

The following steps are necessary for this to be achieved:

Research of all basic information - thorough research of all existing documents and parameters for a seamless operation of the structural works and an economic operation. For existing structures, as three-dimensional model is being generated after the exact measurements of the building has been executed.

Digital Model - reconfigurations, refurbishments and revitalization measurements are planned with the digital model first. All participating parties, such as civil engineers or other specialist planners work on the same computer model at all times.

Operation - after completion of all works and hand over to the owner, the digital model is handes over to facility management. All daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance works can be scheduled and connected to the digital model. It also acts as an archive for documentation during the entire life span of the building. All alpha numerical values, such as schedules or costs are connected to the model and can be read at all times. By utilizing the model, the current status of the building is constantly being documented and operating costs can be compared to the planned costs and the budget.

Should the (retail) property be offered on the market, the BIM model can be sold separately with the building. A completely digitally documented building is of a significantly higher value and creates a much higher return of investment, as any tenant can start their planning immediately without delay caused by missing exact measurements of the interior.

Of course, this methodology can be applied to any kind of project.


  • All
  • Reconstruction
  • Refurbishment

House MA

Atelier Winkler

House WE

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Data Privacy Statement

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Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Lars Winkler

Freischaffender Architekt
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Domstr. 10
97070 Würzburg
Tel.: +49(0)931. 66 05 04 88
E-Mail: info[at]atelier[minus]winkler[full stop]de
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4. Transmission of Personal Data 

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a) you explicitly approved of as outlined in Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 lit. a DSGVO,
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c) there is a legal obligation to transmit the data as outlined in Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 lit. c DSGVO 
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5. Duration of Storage and Deletion 

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8. Rights of the Person affected

you are entitled to the following rights:

a) Disclosure
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• Purpose of processing
• Categories of personal data
• Recipients or categories of recipients which were given access to your data
• Planned duration of storage or criteria for definition of storage duration
• The existence of the right to correct, delete, limit processing and processing
• the existence of the right to appeal to the regulating authority
• the source of your personal data, if not collected by us
• the existence of an automated decision making process including a profiling and, if applicable, significant information about their details

b) Correction
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c) Deletion
According to Art. 17 DSGVO you have rhe right to demand immediate deletion of your personal data from us, insofar their further processing is not needed due to one of the following reasons:

• to execute the right of free speech and information 
• To fulfill a legal obligation, that requires the processing according to the right of the European Union or the Member State, the responsible underlies. Also legal obligations falling under a public interest or execution of public law, that the responsible has been transcribed to.
• For reasons of public interests in the area of public health according to Art. 9, Abs. 2 lit. h and i as well as
• the for the public interest lying interests for archiving purposes, scientific of historic research purposes or statistical purposes according to Art. 89 Abs.1 DSGVO insofar as it concerns the right named in a) supposedly prevents or significantly reduces its implementation. 
• Enforcement, execution or defense of

d) Limitations of Processing
 You may demand the limitation of processing of your personal data due to one of the following reasons according to Art. 18 DSGVO:
• You challenge the accuracy of your personal data
• The processing is unlawful, and you oppose the right to delete the personal data.
• We no longer require the data for purposes of processing. You, however need it to enforce, execute or defend legal claims.
• You oppose processing of your data according to Art. 21 Abs. 1 DSGVO.

e) Notification
If you have demanded a correction or deletion of your personal data or have requested a limitation of processing according to Art. 16, Art. 17 Abs. 1 und Art. 18 DSGVO to be considered, we notify all recipients that have been given access to your personal data, unless this proves to be impossible or is only achievable by a disproportionate effort on our side. You are entitled to demand of us that we notify you about these recipients.

f) Transmission
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You are also entitled, to demand for this data to be transmitted to a third party, insofar as its processing has been executed with the use of automated procedures and was based on an explicit consent given according to Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 lit. a or Art. 9 Abs. 2 lit. a or on a contract according to Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 lit. b DSGVO

g) Cancellation
You remain the right, according to Art. 7 Abs. 3 DSGVO, to revoke your consent given at any given moment. By revoking the consent given before, the lawfulness of processing up to this cancellation, is not affected. Any data processing that was based on your revoked consent before may no longer be processed by us in the future.

h) Appeal
 As stipulated in Art. 77 DSGVO, you are entitled to appeal to a regulatory authority, should you believe that the processing of your personal data is not compliant with the DSGVO.

i) Objection
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j) Automated Decision-Making Processes in Explicit Cases including Profiling
You have the right not to be subordinated to a decision made by automated processing, including profiling, exclusively, which would be legally relevant or limit you in a similar way significantly. This is not the case, if the decision 
i. is needed for signature or fulfillment of a contract between you and us.
ii. due to legal obligations making it lawful in the European Union or the Member State we are underlying, and this legal obligation contains appropriate procedures to retain your rights of freedom and your legitimate interests therein.
iii. this is being done with your explicit consent given
Admittedly, these decisions are not to be based on specific categories of personal data according to Art. 9 Abs. 1 DSGVO, insofar as Art. 9 Abs. 2 lit. a or g DSGVO is not applicable and adequate measures have been taken to protect the rights and freedoms as well as your eligible interests.
 Concerning cases i) and ii) we take appropriate measures to protect your rights and freedoms as well as your eligible interests, whereto the right to enforce the intervention of a person on our side, to declare one´s own point of view and on appealing the decision belongs to, as a minimum.

9.  Changes of Data Protection Statement

Should we alter the Data Protection Statement, we will indicate this on the website.

Status as of May 11th, 2018


Legal Notice
As required by German law (Telemediengesetz)

Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Lars Winkler
Freischaffender Architekt
AW® Atelier Winkler®
Domstraße 10
97070 Würzburg

Contact Details:
T. +49-(0)931-66 05 04 88

Occupational Title


Awarded by the enrolment commission of the Bayerische Architektenkammer (Chamber of Bavarian Architects), Munich (State Bavaria, Germany) according to article 1 of Baukammerngesetz (BauKaGe). The Bayerische Architektenkammer is the designated regulating authority for all architects based in Bavaria.

Chamber Membership:

Member of Bayerische Architektenkammer since 2012.

The applicable law (Bayerisches Baukammerngesetz) and the code of conduct (Berufsordnung) can be found at - (PDF-download at Kammer Intern, then link Baukammergesetz or Berufsordnung der Bayerischen Architektenkammer). In case of changes to the publication, please refer to or contact the chamber directly at:

Bayerische Architektenkammer
Körperschaft des Öffentlichen Rechts
Waisenhausstr. 4
80637 München
Phone +49 (0) 89.13 98 800
Fax +49 (0)89.13 98 80 55

Liability insurance for Germany:

Markel International Insurance Company Ltd.
Niederlassung für Deutschland
Sophienstr. 26
80333 München

Amtsgericht München, HRB 20295
USt-IdNr. DE 287 719 956

3 million Euros for damages to property and personal injury

Should a project require a higher insurance cover, this can be arranged with an addendum to the above insurance on a project by project cover.

Liability insurance for projects outside of Germany and outside of the E.U.:

For all projects outside of Germany, within the E.U. and worldwide projects, a separate liability insurance will be provided on a project by project basis by an insurance company based in Germany

VAT identification number according to § 27a Abs. 1 of the applicable law Umsatzsteuergesetz (UstG):

DE 313 481 525


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Status as of May 11th, 2018

Equality Principle

Atelier Winkler appreciates clients, project partners and co-workers with all national or cultural backgrounds, denominations, gender or sexual orientation, disability or age, income or political views. We build customized solutions for humans in all circumstances, and on eye level with all participating parties.